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About Katherine

Katherine is a freelance illustrator/photographer from northern New Jersey. She earned her BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City in 2014. Her work embodies everything that she finds inspiration from in her small world whether it be wise, and elderly faces or abandoned, and derelict buildings. Whimsicalities through nature and animals, vintage inspirations in color choice and subject matter, and relationships between people are all reflections of the embodiment of her work. Her medium of choice ranges from acrylic painting to paper cut outs to digital and mixed media. She enjoys crafts such as card making and pattern making, as well as detailed illustrations.

Her photography differs from her illustrations in that Katherine searches the country for forgotten and derelict buildings such as insane asylums, sanatariums, and schools. She finds beauty in the decay and history of these places and attempts to capture that beauty through digital and film photography. She focuses mainly on architectural photography but occasionaly shoots landscapes and portraits as well.

When she doesn't have pencil or camera in hand, Katherine spends her free time befriending animals, collecting antiques and oddities, hiking through forests, and traveling the country.